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2006 GT Tire help thread

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I have a 2006 Ford Mustang GT with 255/45 (I think) tires, but I am unemployed and my inspection is just a day or so away and I need one tire to get my car inspected. I tried local tire dealers for a used tire, but none was found. I am here to ask if anyone has an old tire of this size that will fit, or if I could borrow a tire to get my car inspected. Please, My unit did not have drill this month, so I only have a few dollars left. I will work out almost any kind of deal, but I am at the end of my rope on ideas to get this thing through inspection. Any alternate ideas that I have not listed would be helpful as well, but I cannot possibly convey the dire urgency for the need of a tire.
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Put on your spare tire, if inspection station tech says anything about the spare,tell him you just had a flat and didn't have time to buy a new tire but will do so right after inspection.
Would they not just tell me to return when I get the tire?
You may not get the right help unless you find out for sure what size tire you need. Seems to me the original tires on that kind of split-spoke wheel would have been 235-50, if I am not mistaken. I'd guess one of the important items in the inspection is that there are same-size tires on each axle.
Here is a picture of the size..

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Bump for urgency..
In Virginia, if you fail inspection you've got 30 days to correct any deficiencies. So if you fail because of that tire you've got time to find another and then get it re-inspected.
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