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Ok. Thought I'd show how i'm going to install the following full Kicker system into my 2006 V6 Mustang:
--2 Sets of Kicker QS65.2 Component Speakers
--2 Kicker S10L7 Solo-Baric Subwoofers
--Kicker ZX650.4 Amplifier
--Kicker ZX1500.1 Amplifier
--Kicker PKD! Multi Amp Install Kit
--2 Sets of Kicker XW1620 Speaker Wire
--Kicker XI25 2 Channel RCA Audio Cable
--Kicker XI46 4 Channel RCA Audio Cable
--2 Sets of Kicker ZISL 2 Channel Speaker Signal Cable

I'm also going to be building a custom fiberglass vented subbox for the two 10" L7 subwoorfers as well as a fiberglass mount in the trunk that both amps will be screwed to. I currently have about half the parts at my house and the other parts should be arriving in the next week or two. All the parts were purchased through Ebay and they are all brand new. I'm going to include pictures of how I did everything as well as a description for anyone who would like to see how and where I'm running the wires and where everything is going to go. If you got any questions. Feel free to ask.
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