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2006 Mustang GT Cam Question

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I talked with my dad tonight about the car and he sees how much im now making at my new job. I said why are you so worried about voiding warranty, he says "I dont care if its voided, but if anything major goes wrong.. its out of your pocket then" That is fine w/ me, if its major, i will just buy a pos car for like 500 dollars to get around till its up and running again if anything happened.. anyhow ive looked at cams and have some questions

Comp Cams from what ive heard are one of the best to go with. What would be pushing the limit for driveabilty, meaning too rough and annoying.. Is Stage III pushing it? or should i get Stage II if III is too rough.. it says noticable rough idle.. but thats idle..hows actual driving? STL what cams do you have? would you recomend them?

Is there a big hp/tq difference between Stage II and Stage III Comp Cams??

(How much would install be for these things)
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What is the lift and duration difference between stage II & III?
Ford shop time shows 5.3 hours to replace the cams so... depending where you go the price could range from $300-$550 for labor. The latter being a Ford dealer (if they'll do the job)
Did you see the XFI SPR cams that COMP cams offers? They look awesome... I'd go stage III for sure:bigthumbsup
Are you near Clearwater?
Need-4-Speed is a great Mustang shop in Clearwater. I used to purchase parts from Tony... He's a cool guy. I believe he sells COMP cams too. Check him out
Hey, hope you sleep well.

Yes, Tony does have a dyno and does installs. If you click on the products page where it lists cams you can scroll down and you'll see some COMP stuff.

Good luck with you project.
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