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2006 Mustang GT engine bog at WOT and briefly cruising

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2006 Ford Mustang GT

I have finally decided after a long time of struggle with my car to come to the place where my answer may lay. I have been struggling with engine trouble codes thrown:

P0148= fuel delivery error
P0171/P0174= system too lean bank 1/2
P1000= OBD System Readiness not complete
P2195= O2 sensor signal (this may be caused from the cats not being in place)

I have a Predator tuner that is on the original tune as of yesterday, coming from a modified stock tune. I will be cruising along on my 63 mile one way commute on the interstate when I will get a slight area of rough running and flutter for a 5-10 second period then it returns back to normal, this usually comes when going up a overpass but that isn't always the case. Keep in mind my cruise is typically set around 75-80MPH. But I notice that 3/4 throttle it runs strong, but as soon as I go WOT, it starts bogging down and acts like I do not have the right air/fuel ratio (as if its too much gas or too much air dumping in past 3/4 throttle).

I am on stock tune and I am running 87 octane fuel. I have a cold air intake, a leak on the passenger side (bank 1) exhaust manifold (don't know if that effects anything), I also have no cats and magnaflow exhaust.

My guess of problem is (and I am no mechanic lol):
I think maybe this whole thing is just an air/fuel issue
The CAI on a stock tune causing mixture ratio issues
The leak in the passenger side exhaust manifold where it bolts to cylinder 4 (ordered replacement)

As far as the type of cold air intake, I wish I knew which one it was, I will post a picture to see if anyone knows which kind I have (bought the car used).

Help appreciated.
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I would guess your right. Stock intakes can be found pretty cheap or even at a junkyard.
Well looks like I fixed the bogging issue with a new tune. I went with the JTL CAI tune that I found on the predator (there are a good bit of them on there from the guy who owned before me).

Now, it's missing kinda fluttering when I give it gas. No random fluttering on my drive home though while cruising.

Going to keep digging. Any suggestions or tune changing suggestions accepted. I'm not a guru on any of this fuel/timing business.

I am also thinking that maybe leaks are an issue. By passing the MAF and missing timing, but I haven't thrown a code. Going to run it hard on the way to work tomorrow and see if it runs better or throws a code for lean.
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I would guess your right. Stock intakes can be found pretty cheap or even at a junkyard.
Yes. Ordered from a scrap yard on eBay. $24.99! Perfect. Now to try and install when it comes in.
The codes that were thrown on stock tune.


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Does anyone know what kind of cold air intake this is? Took this picture before leaving work this morning.


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Have you checked your fuel filter lately?

I kinda recognize that CAI but can't put my finger on the name. Pretty sure it requires a tune, though, so not running a tune for it is gonna give you all kinds of problems like you've been mentioning.

How long have you been running the car this way without a tune? If you've been running it with these problems for any length of time, you've probably fouled up some stuff (plugs for one).
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I have been running it like that for a while, but just changed coil and spark plug in third cylinder (random misfire).

It is time for me to change the other 7 plugs though. Being that they haven't been changed and I'm over 100k. So going to order those and change when I change my exhaust Manifold and fuel filter and I will keep updated on conditions.

Also, after tune, no codes thus far.
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It couldn't hurt to clean the MAF Sensor (with MAF sensor cleaner) located just after the air box, clean/change that air filter, run a can of seafoam through the next tank of gas.
I would also sleep better knowing I had the appropriate tune for the intake.
Just had last oil change at 115k. Cleaned air filter and MAF during the change. Will reflect just in case (won't hurt lol)

Ordered plugs and fuel filter today. Exhaust Manifold will be in sometime this week.

I took pictures of the the parameters in my tuner and will post. Hope that someone sees something faulty. But as I said, haven't received any trouble codes yet.

Quick question, anyone change their exhaust manifolds with out bringing it in? I have a garage full of tools to do everything, just looking for an opinion.
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Can't post more for some reason.

4.5 notches toward lean.

4.5 notches toward lean.

Global spark:
0 degrees

Spark advance 2k-4k:
5.5-6.0 notches to advance

Spark advance 4k-7k:
5.5-6.0 notches to advance


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Certainly can't hurt to clean/replace all the usual things like MAF, throttle body, fuel filter, and spark plugs. I replaced my original plugs at about 90,000 kilometers and they were completely worn out (more than .080 gap) not sure how the car even ran as good as it did. If you have never had the plugs out of your car, bush up on the removal process, as many are aware of the difficulties in getting them out without breaking them off in the head.

IMO the first thing you need to do is identify that CAI and get an appropriate tune from a top notch tuner like Brent at Brenspeed. If your tune is not right, all the cleaning and maintenance in the world is not going to solve your problem.
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