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2006 Mustang GT Headlight debacle

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Well to start things off, I have dual beam HID headlights. I also have HID fog lights. The problem I am having is that the headlight will not shut off. Even with the light switch off, the will remain on. The only way they shut off is when the car is off. They even turn on on ON (if that makes sense lol). What could this be? I'm thinking it might be faulty ballasts, but I'm by no means an expert at anything. SOMEONE HELP ME!

Side note: the fog lights work fine, no problem with them.
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I had similar issues with my headlights and interior lights not turning off or staying on, and the issue was water from the cowl getting into the smart junction box. Do you store your car in a garage or is it exposed to the elements?
It stays outside. Where's the smart junction box located?
The smart junction box is behind the right front kick panel. There is an access cover that pops off. If you're not sure if water is getting into it there is a TSB for this problem.
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