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2006 Mustang GT Need Help for a lost stock tune

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It's time to California smog my 2006 GT which has the JLT CAI and an 87 tune. Now I can't find the SCT tuner with my stock tune on it.

What options do I have? I believe the goal would be to put a stock tune back in the computer and put the stock airbox back on...How can I get another stock tune? The dealer? (sounds expensive...)

My computer code is TJF1.

Thanks for the help!

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I went through this when I had issues with my SCT tuner. My only option to get the stock tune back was a reflash at the local Ford dealer. It was just under $100 including tax, but the peace of mind was worth it.

Man that sucks. But you have been givin the best advise.
Did you move were it may be in a box or a storage unit?
Just trying to help. But if time is not on your side then off to the Dealer and call around and see who will give you the best price.

T Wayne
Is running a tune an automatic fail?
The way they test in California it probably is a fail. I can't speak for sure though. I hear that in MD we can run a tune if it is properly setup and still pass. Not sure I want to give that a try or not. I will have to think about it until February when mine is up.
If MD is anything like MA you can still pass with a tune - I did a few months ago.

Around here we have to pass an OBDII check along with a safety inspection (balljoints, etc) and a visual exhaust inspection to ensure cats aren't moved/modified.... though the visual exhaust check is often skipped as long as the car passes the OBDII emissions tests and isn't TOO loud.

As long as I am running a tune with all of the emissions crap enabled I should be fine. In order to pass inspection I just had to have BAMA send me a new set of tunes with emissions stuff enabled and load the 91P tune (the race tunes ALWAYS have emissions disabled - even if you request that bama turns emissions stuff on). Then I just had to drive it long enough to clear the P1000 code.
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