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2006 Mustang GT Rewiring Stereo

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When I bought my car in 2009 the previous owner had the stereo running off an amp so when the amp eventually died the speakers stop working as well. I had the car stereo redone and the guy did a really crappy job and left wires hanging all over the place and used the wrong gauge and it eventually killed my alternator from drawing so much power without a capacitor. So now everything is disconnected to not kill the new alternator.

I haven't been able to find a diagram or video or even a blog post on how to install stereo equipment from scratch and as close to factory as possible with the addition of a double DIN stereo with Sirius XM and navigation add on.

My question is, how do I rerun all the wiring to get a functioning system? Has anyone actually done it successfully without having to pay an arm and a leg for Best Buy to do it?

They want $600 to rerun everything. dissapointed.gif
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Kinda depends on what you have in there now. Is it an aftermarket deck? Are you still using an amp?
Yes it is an after market Pioneer deck. I would preferably like to go back to not using the amp to power the speakers. I also have a secondary amp and a capacitor for when I had a subwoofer. I no longer need the subwoofer so I don't want the amps or capacitor in the line if possible. If I need to have an amp though it's fine.
Assuming you still have a ground, ignition & constant power to the deck. If you just want to power your speaker from the deck with no sub or amp. I'd remove or at least disconnect the power wire & speaker wires from the amp. Since your speaker wires are run to the amp. I would just run new speaker wire from each speaker back to the deck. It's pretty simple, but you do have to removing the door panels & some interior panels to run the speaker wire
I replaced my door speakers and head unit in my shaker 500 system. The only thing that is original is my door subs and the amp for those. I did not replace those speakers because of the weird ohm rating they have.
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