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I just bought this car two weeks ago. I bought some different black rims for it and I am trying to sell the previous ones but can't figure out the rim size. They are SVT rims. Back tires have a width of 285 and profile of 35. Fronts are 255 and 35. Front tires are 9" wide. Back tires are 10" wide. They have brand new Sumitomo tires on them. I think they are 18" but I am not sure. I tried to attach a picture but I am not sure if it attached. Anyone know what size the rim shoul be?


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Welcome to the group.

Read the number on the side of the tire, and it will tell you the rim size. Post the number here, if you need help.

It should say something like "P255-R17/35"

My guess is that those are 19's or 20's...
Welcome to AFM! Please let me know if I can help you with any mods for it. :)
They say 255/ 35 / R20. So I'm guessing that means they are 20" rims?
They say 255/ 35 / R20. So I'm guessing that means they are 20" rims?
Yep -- 20-inch rims!

Can I have a cookie for guessing it right?! :cool:
Trying to sell them

Do you know how much they would be worth?
Usually you don't get much for used rims. The big problem is the shipping expense that the buyer doesn't want to pay, and the seller doesn't want to pay.

So, you end up having to find someone local, which is a trick...
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