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2006 Mustang GT

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Hey Everybody

I m new to Mustangs. I was thinking of getting a new 06 'Stang GT 5sp. Are there any reliability issues w/ them other than the stereo and gas tank problems on the '05? Have they fix those problems for the '06?

Also how would u rate the reliability so far? Any help is appreciated. Tks

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I owned a 1990 5.0 GT Fox Body. That was a great car. I only had a couple of issues with the car and both were from me beating on the car and running nitrous. I lost 2nd gear twice and the mufflers got crushed after hitting a dead boar on a dark road late at night, going too fast. The car held up suprisingly well for 50000 Miles.

I looked at the new body style after the fox body and did not like it. It was very small inside. My knee hit the dash when I shifted (I am 6' 2" Tall). I had vertually no head room, so I did not buy one.

When I saw the new 2005 model come out, I immediately loved it. Great looks, great performance, quiet (Wind noise), great handleing, great price for what you get. I just got my 2006 Premium Roush Stage One about a month ago and I love it. The only other car for the money that I would have considered was the Corvette. At nearly $20,000.00 more than the Roush, it just wasn't that much more car. I don't like the Corvette $20,000.00 more. In fact if they were the same price, I would have a hard time choosing. I realize the Corvette will outperform a Mustage stock to stock, but I don't plan on leaving my Roush at the stage one level. I plan on adding Suspension next, then brakes and last a supercharger. In the end I will have less invested than a stock Corvette and I will be able to out perform one. If I were you, I would go with the Mustang. It is the most fun performance car you can buy without buying a much more expensive car. Good Luck!

I have owned 4 Fords in my life and all have been reliable, dependable vehicles. They were no less reliable than the Hondas, Acuras and Toyotas that I have owned.
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