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2006 Mustang, Replacing Shaker 500 & More

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I have become disappointed, for among other reasons, by the lack of options Ford has offered with the Shaker 500 system in my 06 stang. I want to add my XM/ipod – and not through a FM crapulator – however there seems to be no ‘real’ option do this except through the AUX port, but… The AUX issue seems to be a black hole, with information from Ford, after market people (like PIE), and then just cool people on these forums, all conflicting, not to mention the simple fact that not much can be hooked up to it - and even if you can hook it up you can't use the stock head unit to view or control the device, SO I AM REPLACING IT!

Any help, suggestions, pointers, or other enlightening information anyone can provide is VERY VERY much appreciated!

The plan is to install:

Panasonic AVIC-N2 Nav System

1 Kicker SX900.2 Amplifer

1 12' Kicker Solobaric S12L72 in ported Kicker Box

But the problem... as it seems some have faced... is the stock audio system that accompanies the Shaker 500.

Has anyone pulled this out and replaced it with aftermarket gear, with what and what were the results?

Does each speaker have its own amp? Or is the head unit the amp for each speaker?

-If the head unit is the amp for all the speakers - what is the best option, to 'see' how good/bad it sounds with the aftermarket unit powering them - or just to outright replace all the factory speakers and install a separate amp?

-If each speaker has its own amp attached to it, can it be utilized with aftermarket gear? If not can it be bypassed?

If the stock head unit is taken out does any other part of the system have to be modified in order for after market head unit to work (other than wiring harnesses to interface with aftermarket head unit)?

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The shaker 500 head unit aactually puts out good sound, especially using the CD. It is
the speakers that suck - changing the head unit won't help that. Not sure what you want,
but upgrading just the 6x8's in the doors and rear deck help alot (>$300). If you need
killer bass, a 12" sub in a Scosche box with 250w+ amp in the trunk will easily
accomplish that ($550-700); or you could replace the head unit, all the door speakers
(8" subs and 6x8's), rear deck speakers, a 12" sub and add the 3 or 4 amps in the trunk
to power it all for about $2,500 or so. Those prices are just for the parts. The door and
deck 6x8's are an easy diy if you buy the Metra wiring adapter (free at Crutcfield) -
about 2 hours total. A full 3 amp (1-2ch (door subs), 1-1ch (12" sub) and 1-4ch (6x8's)
replacement system, if you know what you are doing and are going to do it right (power strips,
separating the wiring, all new speaker leads, mounting the amps neatly under the package shelf,
using the factory 8" grills, Dynamating trunk and doors, etc) will take 20-25 hours, minimum -
If I were still doing installs professionally, that would be a $2,500+ install; and no the hacks at
Circuit City, Best Buy, etc could never do it right.
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