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2006 Mustang Rim Upgrade: Completely lost...

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Hi Folks,

I own a 2006 Mustang.
This weekend, I had the fortune of renting a 2015 Mustang, which made me realize that I want to upgrade the stock rims on mine.
...and it is here, that I am completely lost.

I am a complete novice and as a result, very ignorant to this.

I believe my current rims are 17'.
If I buy an 18' rim, I am assuming I'll need larger tires. Is this correct?

Secondly, if I correctly match the rim with the tire, should I assume my '06 can accommodate it?

Lastly, does anyone have any quality suggestions or pictures of their own upgrade?

Any insight would be helpful--Thanks!
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Look at the tires, should say either 235/55-17 or 235/50-18. The GT's came with the 18" tires. The 06 mustangs can handle wheels and tires up to probably 19", which became kinda standard in the 2010's and newer. Might even be able to go to the new 20" wheels, but might look funny. So, whatever wheels you decide to go with, yes, you must match the tires to it.
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A friend of mine has 20's on his 06 pony package he said that it looks good and rides good too he has the 20' Bullitt wheels I have 18's on the rear and 17's on the front of my '09 pony
Try looking at American Muscles website. They have a large variety of wheel and tire combos that will fit your car. Just a matter of picking what style and price range you are interested in.
You are correct, if you go up to an 18", 19" or 20" wheel - you will need new tires. You can keep your stock 17" and dismount the tire and put on a winter tire ... so you will have 2 full sets of wheels and tires depending on the season (I noticed you're from the frozen North, lol). Or if you store your car in winter and have no need to drive in winter - you could just sell the stock 17s.

Your car should have no problems with an 18, 19 or 20" wheel. Like others have said, check out American Muscle website or TireRack website...they will give you an idea of what you can go with. Keep in mind, the larger the wheel, the more expensive the tire is probably going to be. 18" wheels will give you cheaper tire options.

Here is mine, I have 19" GT500 wheels... I run staggered tire sizes (wider rear tire than front)... My rears are 285/35/19 and fronts are 255/40/19.


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Be sure to think ahead also. At some point you may want a better braking system other than the stock brakes. Make sure you get the correct back spacing so the larger calibers will fit. That way you won't have to purchase more rims when you decide to upgrade brakes. Just a thought ...

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Even more important than the backspacing is the shape of the back sides of the spokes. Generally, any 18" wheel that is specifically listed as fitting the GT500 should fit over most any 14" aftermarket brake setup.

I have three sets of wheels & tires for my 2008 GT, which shouldn't have any major sheet metal differences. My stock 235/50-18's on OE Bullitt-style wheels are not pictured.

The two upgrade sets are full 4 wheel sets with no tire or wheel width stagger. My car is not lowered.

The left two pictures are of 255/45-18's on 18x9.5 GT500 wheels, front and rear.

The right two pictures are of 285/35-18's on 18x11 Forgestar wheels, front and rear, no rubbing (needed an 0.025" spacer - not a misprint, less than 1/32").



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The best deals will be buying a set from a Mustang Owner, can get wheels and tires for nice prices. Just need to keep looking and checking the websites.
Plus AM does have nice deals at times.
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