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2006 Mustang V6 Boost

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OK so here's the deal guys. I have a supercharger from a cobalt ss. For all who don't know its a screw type and will put out 12+ boost no problem. I am only looking for 6psi, so as i said, no problem. I am simply asking if anyone out there has done anything like this? All help is greatly appreciated. Also if its not going to work just tell me haha. Thanks
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anything ca be made to work with the right amount of money!
No it will not work. The Cobalt does not use a twin screw blower. It uses a roots blower, the Eaton M62. Besides it being a little small for the 4.0 to begin with, you cannot just slap on a blower off any car. It would need a custom manifold, intake, fittings, tuning, and many other things. Just get a kit made for your car. The XCharger uses the Eaton/Magnuson MP90, essentially a larger version of the one you have now and is a very reliable and proven kit
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I have to agree. I would get an X Charger or a Vortech kit. The Cobalt supercharger is going to be a lot of money into custom parts.
The M62 is to small for the 4.0SOHC. It would require 2.1" pulley to make 6lbs of boost or a 1.6" pulley to make 12lbs of boost. Both pulleys are too small to use.
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