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2006 Mustang vs 2010 Camaro SS Union Hill Drag Strip

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Here is our stock 2006 Mustang GT beating a 2010 Camaro SS. Both are automatic cars. Our 2006 Mustang has about 98,000 miles on it and we were running the stock tires.

The SS got a little trigger happy and red-lighted but, he still only pulled a 9.3 in an 1/8th mile. Our 2006 Mustang GT is pretty constant with 9.1 in an 1/8th. My wife was also a asleep at the wheel and pulled a 0.3 something reaction time.

2006 Mustang vs 2010 Camaro SS Union Hill Drag Strip - YouTube
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Thats gotta make you feel good. Almost 100k on your GT? Nice run.
always nice when we beat up on the "fat pigs".
The new auto SS is a dog that carries the L99 engine. It will dyno as low as 315hp. With all that weight no surprise the 05+ 4.6 can run with it

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