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[2006] Shakey Steering Wheel

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Hello, I recently bought a 2006 Mustang that came with 2 sets of rims/tires. I drove it home with factory rims and regular tires, I quickly took it to a wheel shop and put on very clean low profile rims with performance tires and I have noticed my wheel shakes when going around 50mph. I have taken it to a mechanic and he suggested that since the rims/tires are bigger than the car was made for it could be the problem, anyone else have this problem and/or a fix for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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My first guess would be a wheel alignment.

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"I quickly took it to a wheel shop and put on very clean low profile rims with performance tires and I have noticed my wheel shakes when going around 50mph"

Did this wheel shop do a dynamic balance on the tires/wheels they installed ?

They should have done so, and if steering wheel shakes, best to first take car back to them and have them figure it out...with an on the road test by them.
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I would think it is a balance issue, not an alignment problem. Does it pull to one side or just shake? Pulling to one side would indicate an alignment issue. Shaking is usually a balance problem.
Going thru a similar situation myself.

Depending on the low profile rim used, it may not be sitting flush against the hub. There are retainer clips used to hold the rotor in place during assembly. Check to make sure those are/were removed. They have absolutely no purpose but for keeping the rotor in place during installation.

I removed mine, and the shaking dropped significantly. Still working on resolving it 100%. May need to rebalance my aftermarket wheels and tires again. People have said removing the clips usually fixes the problem....

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Never had wheel vibration caused by alignment being out. If that's the cause then you'd notice it in a manner of other ways before getting vibration.

Firstly you need your wheels balanced as this is by far the most common cause. If you've had new wheels and tyres then this absolutely should have happened. I'd be inspecting your brakes next, then control arm bushing.

What is concerning is.... 'I have taken it to a mechanic and he suggested...' - Either your mechanic knows the problem or he doesn't. If he's had time in and underneath the car and doesn't know for sure.... find another mechanic.
Also, with low profile tires, you are more prone to your wheels getting knocked out of balance from pot holes.

Some shops offer free balancing if you buy a tire protection package for a little more.
Get your tires balanced like everyone is saying and also have your rims checked for warpage
My first thought was warped rotors.. When I bought my Mustang the front rotors were warped..

This will cause the steering wheel to shake when going speeds at or higher than 50mph.. It also happened in my old Chevy Cobalt as well. Once I replaced the brake rotors it solved the problem.
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