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2006 V6 Mustang new owner

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I just bought a 2006 V6 Auto Convertable with 84k miles and I have some questions.

One thing I thought was odd, it has what looks to be factory dual exhaust with rear bumper cover with cutouts, leather seats, shaker 500 audio (I have the head unit but have an aftermarket one in place) 17" torque thrust style factory wheels, pony package grill with fog lights, but everything else is stripper model. No data center in cluster, no dash trim, and the faux gas cap says GT California Special. I'm wondering if the previous owner just jazzed up a stripper model with the exhaust, bumper cover, seats, gas cap, and grill. Also looks to have the GT rocker panels too. Can some one tell me if some of these things were available stock? I know the faux gas cap isnt, but really wonder about the rest. I did a Vin search and it didn't come up with the pony package either. Kinda stumped really. I just want to know what I have. Thanks!
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Dual exhaust was not a factory option, I also don't believe the rockers were an option either. Sounds like the old owner just wanted to spruce the car up some. Btw in 2006 there was no California Special package offered so someone who really knows there mustangs might mess with you a little about that ;) Congrats on the mustang!

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Thanks! Kind of what I thought. I plan to remedy the faux gas cap by blacking out the center with some plastic dip. It's kinda like Autozone shoppers that put cheap "turbo" badges on their cars with no turbo under the hood. Lol. Since I have the rockers and rear bumper, I might finish the front with the GT bumper cover there. I'll be digging around to see what else I might be able to do. Any suggestions?
your car DD reminds me of a car Ive seen a few years ago at a show It was a 05 with same pony grille 45th anniversary badges stock 16" wheels

also had the same dash as yours

when I had my 06 mine was a premium I had JBA duals on her and I had my rockers painted body color and had the PP grille but mine was a PP I just added a chin spoiler
every one at shows would ask me about my 06 they all said it looked clean
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