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2006 V6, SVT lighted sill plates

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I just got the lighted sill plates talked about elsewhere. This a Ford factory part, helps illuminate entry.

On the sill plate is a plug that caps off 4 wires.

The wiring harness that runs under the doors doesn't seem to have a connector for this to plug into.

Maybe I'm missing a set of wires that comes with the kit.

anybody know?
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The parts lists shows one set of wires. They look like they splice to the wiring in the A pillar and then there are two leads to run behind the kick panels and then to the sill plates. Why Ford instructions have to be in a comic book style without any captions is beyond me. Actually, I don't think I want to know the answer to that.



Thanks for the instructions. Didn't get them with mine. They were too cheap I guess.

Found Ford install instructions on everything except the simplest thing I've put on a car :)

Ford should be ashamed to call those instructions.


And why use a plug at the end of the plate itself when it's just bare wires being added to it.

At least I know where to tap it.

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