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2007 Convertable need help to identify purpose of holes above door latch

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I bought the car used and did not notice immediatly the holes in the rear quarter body panel door frame on both sides. They were precisly placed in the same location. It would appear it was used to mount something to the car. Ford dealer service tech has no clue

Anyone have an idea on what these holes are for?


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im thinkin possibly the car had one of those light bars or roll bar that you put on convertables and that is possibly where it mounted . I never owned a convertable but i think you mount the bar in that area im curious now im going to research it .
Thanks for the thought. Checked a few roll bar installs and did not find holes for it like those. The light bar is intriguing
I installed my own light bar, and you don't drill any holes there. The holes you drill are behind the inside side panels into the tower that the seatbelt is mounted to. I think these holes were used one of those body men who remove dents without painting. They do this by pushing dings and dents out from the inside, and need to drill a hole for access. I have seen that done, but the holes were plugged with a rubber plug. Or, they may have been used for some kind of door switch, maybe for an aftermarket alarm that was removed before selling it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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