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2007 GT/CS Conv.

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I'm deployed at the moment and am starting to go shopping for the upgrades I want to do when I get back. For the record, it is a completely stock GT/CS Auto (yes, auto, first stang, kiss off, lol) This car is my project car, I plan on learning as much as I can doing the upgrades myself, and after next deployment get a GT500. So, first things first; What do I upgrade? I don't plan on drag strips or hitting 200, I just want to ALWAYS beat the guy next to me to the next light. I also want to make it sound like a real muscle car. Here's what I've been thinking about. Steeda CAI w/tuner, Cat back exhaust (don't know which to get), hot rod cams (for sound), throttle body, and anything else that I feel I can accomplish. If I get a supercharger it will probably break me. So that's why I've gone with the lesser things first...Any more ideas or input is welcome. Thanks
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List looks good but forget the throttle body. That is a waste of money. My want to look in to some one piece spark plugs.
Yea, I was just reading about the breakage that is occuring with the 07 2 piece. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks!
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