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2007 GT showing emissions icon now

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My 2007 GT just started showing the emissions icon today. I ordered the car a little over 4 years ago and have had zero problems until today. My changes to the car which could impact this issue are:

reprogrammed the car computer over a year ago with a Predator tuner
added an Air Raid cold air intake system 3 years ago
added a Borla catback exhaust about 4 years ago

The tune is set for the Air Raid CAI system and 91 octane gas. I have been running this way for over a year with no issues.

Anyone have any thoughts on why the emissions light may be on now? The car has around 45k miles on it. The car seems to run fine right now also.

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Use your tuner to read the code then post it. Or, once you have the code, do a google search on it to find out what it means. It could be several things... O2 sensor, cat slow to light-off, loose gas-cap, just to name a few.
Well, I used the tuner to show the error code and it found no error codes. I ran it a few times and same result. After that I started the car and ran it for a couple of minutes and now the emissions light is not displaying. Any thoughts? If there is a developing issue I would like to resolve it before something more significant occurs. Thanks.
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Mine has started that also. I researched the code and I am 90% sure it is related to the fuel cap. I replace the original cap with a Rescue Cap (it has a combination lock to open the cap). It has worked for 3 years without a hitch, and a month ago the engine light came on. I cleared the code, filled the tank and drove it 200 miles. After a couple of short tripos around town the light came back on. I have not had a chance to clear the code again.
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Check your MAF sensor, make sure there is no dirt there. Just a thought.
as long as the code is gone thats all that matters i guess. Your mods shouldn't have anything to do with something like that, it would be a naturally occurring issue that happens with age and mileage.
Emissions light

The light is still off, but I noticed that when I was driving on the interstate and it sued to be when I let my foot off the gas the car would slowly rev down and now the rpms drop quickly form around 2k to 1k, but then it would jump back up to around 2k by itself?

If I slowly let off the gas instead of removing my foot is slowly drops the RPMs down to around 800-1k.
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