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2007 Mustang Automatic Gear Shift...need help!

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So I will try to make this long story short...Last week I almost totaled my car (well a drunk driver almost hit me, thank goodness I have no problems with my brakes or he probably would have beheaded me). Well with me slamming on my brakes, I spilt a HUGE cup of soda on the interior of my car...mostly on the gear shift, passenger seat, and my passenger. I have not cleaned up the interior yet. I don't know what to use because it is all over the place, but okay enough about the story into my problem...

So about 2 days after my almost accident, I was going to put my car into reverse and the plastic part of my gear shift (the part that is on the track) ripped. I guess some how it was sticky?? and when I went to go into reverse and into drive it got off of the track and ripped (my fault for not cleaning it :mad:) Now, that is not my only problem. When I put my car into park I have to force it into park with all my strength. When I put my car into reverse the light that tells you which gear you are in tells me I am in 3rd. Tells me that for Neutral and Drive as well, actually for Drive I have to put it in 3rd and then back into Drive.

I don't know what is wrong and I plan on going to the dealership as soon as I can afford to get it fixed and how do I know if my warranty covers it? I bought it used but got an extended warranty on it.

Is there any way for me to maybe just take off the part of the gear shift that is in the track? Or any way for a temp fix?? Please help. I am ready give up :fuming:
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Rubbing alcohol will not damage the palstic and flush the goop. It will take some time. You may also wish to try just plain water and wash it out too. I like alcohol because it cleans up and the evaporates.

ive never had to mess with mine yet so i`m looking in the book. if your up for it, you could remove the shifter, clean and check it. disconnect the battery, you have to remove the shifter bezel, the console, the side panels on each side. if the car will start in different shift positions, the cable is out of adjustment, you`ll have to get the car up on stands so the book says to disconnect the cable from the shifter to make any adjustments. i read where someone replaced their shifter on their lunch break. kinda sounds like something got bent. you would be best to call your dealer and talk to them about the problem first, then dig into it if you have to. at the top of the forum in the sticky section is a online manual posted by troon. you need to get looking in there and find the pics of the shifter assembly so you can see whats up. all the information you need is in there. just keep clicking the catagories till you find it. look in the workshop manual section. try doing a search on here for auto shift handles. ive seen posts in the past where guys have broke that cover pc in frt or behind the shifter handle. i would think it is replaceable.
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auto shifter broken

I had a problem with my auto shifter months ago---the plastic slider on the front of the shift lever got stuck in the tracks and I had to put a lot of force into pulling out of park into drive. The plastic broke off. But I did not have trouble shifting into gear, but I had to count the notches down after Park. And no tranny issues. I had to replace the entire shift handle.
Will try to attach photo of the broken shifter..
photo of shifter

2nd computer skills suck...
i use a bissel carpet clening machine( looks like a upright vacuum cleaner) and bissel carpet soap. you can buy some fabric or carpet cleaner, use a bucket and a brush, scrub it by hand and use a shop vac to suck up the dirt and water also. that works even better really, more suction.

so the word is if that cheap plastic cover pc breaks, we have to replace the entire shiter?
u know, when you spilled the soda, you might have shorted out a circuit board or something. correct me if i'm wrong (armature comp skills) but a shorted board would send incorrect signals to the chip in the car, which would result in you seeing the incorrect light on your dash... maybe. and if thats the case i would guess that the shifter would need to be replaced. and considering it was caused by your soda, the warranty wouldn't cover it.. (which in my opinion is completely restarted because how can ford make a shifter, place it right next to the cup holders, and never expect someone to drop soda or water on it.)
Thanks for all the great advice! :gringreen

NCV6stang, the problem you had is exactly what I was talking about. Do you remember where you bought the new shift handle?

I did go to the Ford dealership and what first pissed me off was before I even said that I spilt soda in my car trying to avoid a drunk driver hitting me, the guy said that I should not drink mochas in my car. What an ugh! :madas: But not only that, he wanted to replace the whole shift gear and that plus labor would cost me $500.

Sorry but I rather do it myself or find a friend (which I did) that has a mustang and can help me out with it. I will also try some of the cleaning tips as well since I have yet (I know, bad on me) cleaned out my car.
sounds like the friend you found is a good dude, you should prolly learn to drive a stick though in case i mess things up, i mean he :)
and also you should prolly change your oil! geez!
2007 Mustang shifter assembly

My girlfriend broke the track on her 2007 Mustang while trying to clean it. The Ford dealership wants $300 to install a new one. Does anyone know how or where to get this part for a more reasonable price? Even a knockoff would be acceptable.
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