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2007 mustang gt o2 sensor problems tune?

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Hi guys,
I puchased a 2007 gt a month ago. It has 67,000miles looks great but has a couple of problems. The car has a C&L Intake and upgraded i believe long tube headers.
My problem is that 1 o2 sensor is malfunctioning. Its stuck on lean. I was told by 'FORD' Its my intake. I dont believe that or it would trigger both front o2 sensors correct? The car also came back running like absolute sh*t so im guessing there was a tune on it and now there isnt because it runs pretty bad after they had it. It runs worse when the cars cold.
Im really just needing advice, isit tune related? isit the o2 sensor? shall i go back to ford and pull out an ar? only joking :nono:
any help would be much appreciated.
Romano - Las Vegas
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Thanks for the info Muckerpuck,
I know I'd be needing one anyway, just found it strange it only sets off one o2 sensor. Sensor was still causing a CEL prior to the ford vist. Either the stock tune was already on the car when i bought it, or the sensor was already F*cked and ford removed the tune and made it worse. Ughh Ill order the tuner and maybe a couple o2 sensors while im at it lol. Anywhere other than the dealer i could get the front o2s?
I found these:
Thanks for your help!:bigthumbsup
Thanks for the reply! Ill order a tuner next week as ill need it. Also picked up 2 motorcraft front o2 sensors for $35 a piece. Will stick those on when they arrive and see if that fixes the problem, then tune it so the car runs well. Dont mind spending $70 on o2s seeing as the car has 67k and the ford dealership is sh*t...
Im just going to order a Bama tuner (SCT) from american muscle with the free tunes. Will be changing the sensors on friday so ill post an update once the're on. Thanks for the help!:bigthumbsup
Ive got a bank 1 sensor 1 code still.
I used my new bama tuner and tuned the car, car felt better, code disappeard and suddenly got 18mpg where I was getting 12mpg.
Next day I changed my plugs and fuel filter, about to change my upstream o2 sensors and noticed all of them were in the wrong order. I had a blue and green o2 up front and a green and blue in the rear. I swapped them around and the code came back and im now getting 5mpg average. Need some help guys,
I have bbk lt headers, bbk hpipe with high flows, c&l street intake.
I was getting the same code before but im sure my bama tuner fixed the problem, and now ive f*cked it all up again lol. Any help appreciated!!!:yup:
I didn't know the o2's were different but try putting them back the way they were.
I will try, theres 4 in my car, 3 of which are green :s.
I know the rear are blue but I had a mixture all over the place. Im going to get my mechanic to look over the harness, make sure the o2s are correctly placed as the previous o2 sensors were grinded on the connector to fit the location. :worshiphope this works, dying for a smog lol.
Thanks again Muckerpuck!
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