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2007 mustang gt o2 sensor problems tune?

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Hi guys,
I puchased a 2007 gt a month ago. It has 67,000miles looks great but has a couple of problems. The car has a C&L Intake and upgraded i believe long tube headers.
My problem is that 1 o2 sensor is malfunctioning. Its stuck on lean. I was told by 'FORD' Its my intake. I dont believe that or it would trigger both front o2 sensors correct? The car also came back running like absolute sh*t so im guessing there was a tune on it and now there isnt because it runs pretty bad after they had it. It runs worse when the cars cold.
Im really just needing advice, isit tune related? isit the o2 sensor? shall i go back to ford and pull out an ar? only joking :nono:
any help would be much appreciated.
Romano - Las Vegas
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Both long tube headers and CAI's require an aftermarket tune to function properly. I would grab your hand held tuner and reload the tune that came with the car. If you dont have a tuner your going to need one with those mods and a tune to go with it. If you took the car to a ford dealer and they reflashed a stock tune to the car that will have deleted your old tune, and if you didnt tell them not to chances are they did. So if your car didn't come with a tuner I would start saving for one now.
And where ever you get your tuner from make sure you tell them your mods so they can build the tune correctly.
I didn't know the o2's were different but try putting them back the way they were.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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