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2007 Mustang V6-Dim headlights?

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The headlights on my 2007 V6 have always seemed a bit dim. If there are any overhead lights light, they seem to barely illuminate the road. On the other hand, the high-beams work brilliantly. I have noticed that some mustangs I pass seem to have the same problem as well.
Does anyone else experience this?
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At least for me i wouldnt remember. Just switch over to HID's
Yeah, I hate the stock lights, they don't light up the road anymore than my Bronco. Saving up for the Saleen HIDs, or maybe the 2010 style lights from American Muscle.
Low beams won't illuminate road

Had the same problem when I bought my car...05GT

My solution was to adjust the headlamps so that the low beam is considerably higher. I can see now just fine. Only occasionally do I get high beamed from oncoming traffic. The trick was to get the low beam height just high enough to see for me but not so much to bother most others. With the low beams at this height, my high beams are way too I just never use high beams. Works great for me, as I detest having to flip the high beam/low beam switch anyway.

I rationalize doing the above by telling myself there are many other newer cars out there with very bright lights which bother oncoming traffic much more than my lights.

The fog lamps can be used when I need more light closer to the front of the car.
Oncoming traffic always high beams me if I have the fog lamps on, so I use them only when there is no oncoming traffic.

The above fix required a phillips screwdriver and a little time. No money involved...that's makes me happy as ****.:D

Note: The 07 and newer Mustangs are the lst years they stopped putting those flat black metal pieces in front of the headlamp bulbs. I think they did that as those black things have a problem with the paint on them bubbling. The result could be that the bulbs don't throw as much light back into the reflector...therefore they may appear slightly dimmer overall than the older cars...I am not sure.
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If you have a little black cap over the ti fthe bulb, that kills he beam's strength a lot. Stock stock lights lacked those little caps and were plenty bright:)
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