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2008 GT/CS Scoop Insert Removal: Please Help Clarify for me.

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I recently bought myself a '08 GT/CS and I couldn't be happier. I've wanted one for pretty much my entire life. Well, now that I have it I've begun playing with it. One thing that really gets me are the cheap inserts in the hood and side scoops.

Before you ask, I've done a number of searches on this site and others that touch on the topic but none that directly answer my question. I would like to remove the inserts, drill/cut out the honeycomb pattern to give the appearance of a non-plugged scoop, spray them a flat black, then place them back in the scoop. While I understand the hood scoop has four bolts, 6 or so tabs and a mile of 3M tape; I've read that the side scoop inserts simply 'pop out'.

This is simply not the case on my ride. The side inserts are 3M'd to the body and any attempts to etch the tape flexes the scoop enclosure a bit too much for my taste. I work on my own bikes (H-D FHLRC, ACE 750) but neither of them have the degree of plastic and tape that the car has.

What I'm saying is that I'm about as ignorant as the day is long. Could someone please help me through the process, even if it's ridiculously easy, so I can be sure I'm doing this correctly. I've read a number of posts that warn against this and as many that say they did it several seasons ago without issue. I've decided I'd like to chance it but I'd like to know exactly what I'm doing before I start.

If you know of a site with pics or a decent post that walks you through it I'd be grateful. If you can answer directly, all the better! So far those inserts are my only complaint and I'd REALLY like to take care of them before too long. So... Thanks in advance!

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Hey Chris, I had too many fingers pointed at the fake side scoops on my 2001. I finally decided to go with Saleen scoops. They fit better with the overall Cobra look. Still fake, but not as fake.

I don't think you will make honeycomb grills look good drilled out. So I bought the real Saleen scoops, which turned out to be a really poor fit and required many hours of grinding the ABS material to make them fit. So buy the carbon version that's also available. Your car will look oustanding. It's the gills that change the scoop. :yup:
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Thanks for the reply. I guess I'm not being clear enough.

1. I want to remove this insert without removing the scoop. Is this possible?
2. I am uncertain if the insert is secured to the scoop anywhere other than the 3M tape against the body.
3. How strongly is the scoop mounted to the frame?
4. When and now if I attempt to remove the insert, what would be the best way to go about this?

I am literally asking for help/advice on how to do this, so, please... If you've got the know how, share a bit with me. I'm firm in what I'd like to accomplish, can anyone help me achieve this?
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I didn't read well enough. My fault. So I just went into the spare parts of my car a grabbed one of the scoops. Although my car is 2001, yours are probably the same. There's 3 sets of tabs moulded onto the back of the clips, and one hangerclip at the narrowest part of the insert. They pop out very easily. So start by prying at the outside edge of the widest part of the insert. Once you get the top 2 popped, the next set is about 3 inches further down, then another set, and then you can lift the insert off the last hanger at the tip. I just did this here to one scoop. I know the hood insert is similar. Gently start at on end and pop it. Good luck, it should be easy.
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