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2008 GT M/T not starting

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can help me with the issue I am having with my 08 GT.

***NEW starter, NEW Alternator, NEW Ignition Switch.

Basically my car won't start, all fuses and relay's are good, when i turn the key my PATS is off so key should be good, F21 in SJB is getting power when key is on start position, from there the wire is supposed to send power to the clutch safety switch, i checked voltage and nothing goes there. If nothing goes to the safety switch then nothing will go to the BEC at starter relay and that relay won't get energized and send signal to the starter I'm thinking.

I'm running out of options and don't know what to do. The funny thing is that it started the other day I put everything together lowered it off the jack and then NOTHING, how can i fix something that comes and goes at it pleases...
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I narrowed it down to the PCM grounds i cleaned those and starter right away, 10-15 cranks later, i lock car and unlock and doesn't start again....i remove the cables and put them back and it starts again. wtf. these wires as you can see are bare metal now. What causes the PCM to act like this and removing the wires and putting them back just resets it I feel like.
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