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2008 Mustang GT Wheel Sizes that will fit?

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I have a 2008 GT with stock 18s on it. I am currently looking at new wheels but I would like to know what will fit. 18x9 / 18x10 seem to be popular choices but I have been looking for 20's. I found a staggered set that is 20x9.5 / 20x11. Will these fit? just seems like it could rub. Just bought it in sept. 2010 so I am still doing my research on this car. Thanks for the help!
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Thanks for the help. I have also seen 18s with a 18/9 and 18/10 staggered setup it comes with tires. I believe the rear is a 275. They are Fr500 style. Im really just looking for the best looking widest setup I can achieve with a stock setup I don't want the tires pushing way out beyond the fenders. Any Ideas?
The car is Black with a CDC chin and GT500 spoiler. I have also thrown around the idea of lowering it a little.
OK I found Some Fr500s that are chrome 18s staggered on American Muscle and Cruzinconcepts. Anyone know know if these are the same wheels cause there is a large price diff?
Thank you! 1 more Question. AM offers TPMS. Do I need this? What will it do if i don't get it?
If I were to go with a 18x 9 in the front. What size would you say is the best?
Thanks! you guys have saved me a lot of trouble! I am currently still looking for rims but I am having a really hard time finding the right ones. I think I will get the TPMS and I think I will get the 18s. Any thoughts on what would look great on a 08 Black GT with cdc classic chin, GT500 spoiler, head light splitters on stock lights and AM quarter panel scoops?
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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