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2008 Mustang V6 dual exhaust question

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I want to convert my 2008 v6 single exhaust to a dual exhaust. I want to use SLP Loudmouths for the axleback, what else do i need to get to convert it and where can i find them?
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youll need an x or h pipe...mid pipes and those mufflers. id take it to a local shop and see what they say. probably be cheaper than u think
This is a very talked about subject , Run a search on here there is a lot of info about this and then some :bigthumbsup
+1 on both above, i did no x or h pipe and mine sound great.

take it to a local shop :D
oh and welcome to the forums, ill be back in ATL this weekend!
Welcome to AFM and the forums. you can read all the info, listen to videos and get opinions, then you`ll just have to take a chance and make a guess and hope you like it. lots of different systems and lots of people are happy. i`m real happy with mine, and most people like the h pipe on the v6. its so close to running seperate sides, but that small connection is suppose to balance it out and create some depth. good luck with your choice :bigthumbsup
I just got mine done today. I had a pair of GT stock mufflers. You will need a pair of hangers for the left side. I called Ford dealer and they wanted $50 each. I bouoght the pair for $50 from You will also need what's called a midpipe. this runs from the left muffler to the spot where the right and left sides joint behind the cat. Ford does not sell that separately so I had the muffler shop bend one. The shop also made a Y-pipe that comes off the cat and splits the exhaust into the two midpipes going to each muffler. Shop work today cost me $175 and they cut out the left side of the rear bumper cover so the pipe would clear. I cannot say I can hear much difference but it now looks balanced. It does NOT sound like a V-8.
Good luck with your project.
My friend had this done and what they did was just take off a GT H pipe and midpipe and just add the system on after that. It isnt that costly any shop would be able to do it and its pretty quick. When I had my V6 i put on a completely new cat back exhaust in under 3 hrs. So a paid pro with better tools and lifts will have it done really fast and done right.
Would an x-pipe work on a v6? If i can get GT take off midpipes then could I use any GT x-pipe on my car?
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