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I have been trying to do my own type of Marti report for my 2008 GT Premium, 5 spd, Vapor, 355 ls, with the premium Interior package. This is the T82 with Package 140A.

I have the 2008 Ford Ordering guide and all the production specs from threads posted in other parts of this forum. The closest I can get is my car is one of 3356 using the Premium Interior Package which was not available in the Bullet, Shelby GT, nor California Special. To get a better number, since this is a very specific package, if someone had the number of GT 140A packages specifically that came with either automatic or five speed I could get a real good number. I can back out the number of Bullets, but that is only 5773 vehicles so this really doesn't help.

I also have the spec for the Premium Aluminum wheels which was 9.76 % of the total production of 37006 vehicles with is only available on the 140A Package which I have. But this also cannot be separated out by Automatic or manual 5 speed.

Production specs show that 71.53% or all GT regardless of package or options come with a 5 speed manual, but I have not been able to find this spec based on other options. Can anyone help? Thanks for your help.
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