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2008 Shaker 500 Aftermarket Upgrade Help.

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I wanna add a new amp and 2 subs to my Shaker 500 without putting in a new head unit. I heard I need some type of wiring harness and a line output converter? What is needed to keep the stock head unit? Links to products would be awesome. If you could lend some help on this topic, even if it isn't exactly what I ask it would be greatly appreciated!!

Also if you could send me some links on reasonably priced amps that run 800 RMS @ 2 ohms that'd awesome. :)

Thank you!
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There are plenty of options available. To add a sub/amp all you need is a hi - low level connector. There are a few options with these as well. Product Details | iPod Integration for your car and More by Pac-Audio - Connecting you to the future

The above harness plugs directly into the stock head unit and supply's a left and right rca out as well as a remote trigger wire.


The above item here allows you to tap into your rear speaker wires to add an external amplifier. You still need to run all the power wires for your amp but it's a cheap way to add a sub.

Audio control, Kicker and a few other manufacturers have signal processors available. The difference with these types of units is of course cost as well as the ability to expand the system while keeping the factory head unit.

Hopefully this info will at least get you started!

Check out as well, they have tons of information available!
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I'm planning on getting Best Buy to install it, and all im getting from there is a custom box that will fit.

Is this all i need besides sub, box and amp in order to integrate the orginal speakers and subs with the aftermarket ones using the stock shaker 500 head unit? Product Details | iPod Integration for your car and More by Pac-Audio - Connecting you to the future

And would I need this if I got the product above?

If someone could supply the trunk dementions that'd be awesome!
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