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2008 V6 Mustang throttle Body Upgrade Question

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I am wanting to start doing some minor engine modifications to my 2008 V6 and an item that keeps popping up is a new throttle body. I read somewhere, if you do get a bigger Tb (70mm) it reduces your low RPM response. Meaning, you will have a slower take off but will give more kick in higher RPMs. Is this true? if so, is it a HUGE difference? :?:

Also, any advice to what kind should get? ie: any brand better than another, particular size, things like that...

Thanks in advance!!!!

JJ :wavey
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welcome to the pages! leave the TB at the door. they are useless unless you super charge turbo charge or add a bottle
Ditto, without other heavy mods, there's no real point
Agree... The stocker is fine.

if mark says the stocker is fine, it must be good:kooky:
enough said then, thanks everybody
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