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2009 Mustang 4.0 vs. 2006 Sentra se-r spec v

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so the other day me and my friend had a little argument about whose car is faster. He has had a truck since 16 and finally got a somewhat performance car. The interweb said that the spec v runs the 1/4 in 15.2 while the mustang is pretty much right there with it. His is stock my mustang has CAI and 93 tune. I finally got him to agree to a race but he didnt want to do from a dig, he wanted a rolling race so we went from 40. Which for stock differential 4.0's is a pretty good place to start. So we took off and all through second until about 5500 rpms we were nose and nose (he took off a little early so i did technically gain a little ground on him) but for the rest of second gear i pulled on him, hit 60 mph shift to third. When i shifted i had MASSIVE driver error because i had changed the height of my seat that day and wasnt used to it. Took about a full second to shift to third. However, when i connected, it was just walking away from him. We ended up hitting about 95 with him about 5 car lengths behind me. We raced again to try to correct my driver error, same error happened, same results. Both cars are man trans (mustang 5 gear, sentra 6 gears). anyways i just wanted to share my story with you guys. i'm hoping to have a video up very soon, i'll probably post it in this thread. HAVE A GOOD DAY!!! :bigthumbsup
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With your stock 1/4 mile time you already have the answer your car is faster, that said sounds like you should put your seat back to where it was or serious driver mod is needed! And wipe the dust off the t-lok and gears and also put some dual exhaust on too!
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