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2010 GT auto transmission question

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After a long wait I finnaly bought a 2010 silver mustang GT premium here in Brazil. The car is almost new with only 3.500 miles on the clock.

I only have a litte concern about its auto trans. My english is not good, but I will try to explain my question.

When I go from P to D position (or from D to P) it is very difficult to "feel" the N and R position, because after I press the button I can move the shiftter very very easy.

The car is shiffiting right, but if I want to put it in the R or N position I have to look to find the correct point. I also drive others auto cars and in all of them I can feel the N and R positions and I don´t have to look to put the car in the gear that I want.
Is this kind of thing normal in the mustang transmission or should I look to adjust something?


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My 06 and the wife's 07 have a definite feel at each shift position with the auto so do not have to look. Good luck
As long as you're holding the button it's going to move very easily regardless of position until you let go of the button or at least mine does. I usually just slip it in reverse then slide to drive from there with out pressing the button. I find my self occasionally slipping in between neutral and reverse. What you are describing sounds normal to me. If it bothers you look into a ratchet shifter.

Your English is pretty good compared to some others that are from the U.S. :bigthumbsup

Thanks for the replies.

I was a little worried about the transmission, but I think that everything is fine.

I only have to drive the Mustang and get used with its characteristcs and they will became usual to me.

Thanks again

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