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2010 GT premium strips on black exterior

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I am looking at adding strip kit to 2010 GT but with black exterior, not sure what color to go with. Have charcoal interior. I was thinking grey. Anyone out there have stripes on black exterior?

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With black, you have several options that look good. I've seen white, silver, and charcoal gray stripes on black mustangs and they all look good. However, my personal favorite is matte black. Something about matte black stripes on a black Mustang is just bad @$$. That would be my choice.
I myself was going to go Red when I was looking at getting the Black Stang, but I got the Grabber Blue with the white instead.
I like the charcoal grey but the Matte black I would like to see. If anyone has pictures of black with matt black stripes please let me know.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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