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2010 mustang gt Nuetral Safety Switch...HELP!!!

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I have a 2010 mustang GT. I am installing a remote start onto the car. I need to bypass the 2010 nuetral safety switch. Does anyone have location and bypass information for me?? Hopefully pictures. I know its not the best thing to do and no one would recommend it, but I need it done. thank you.steaming.gif
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It had better be an auto, because auto-starting a manual would be just dangerous and wrong!
For the auto, there are two wires from the side of the trans that close/complete the starter circuit when in park or neutral. Those would be closed anyways, in park, so that should not be an issue.

You might run into issues with PATS, if the key is not in the car, unless you turn PATS off, which is not recommended.
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