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2010 Mustang v6 billet grille

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Hey guys i need some help installing a billet grille the one i have is the one that deletes the pony in the middle

the thing is i think the parts i got are ****** up plz tell me if i got the wrong parts so i can email AM thank you :D

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can you post up the link for the grill that you got there are several different pony delete grills for the v6, the pictures you posted are only the retainer clips.
i got this

Polished Mustang Pony Delete Billet Grille (10-12 V6) at - Free Shipping!

my question is why does one of the side of each clip look broken ?
That broken look(Im assuming the hole) is when you screw in the bolt it puts pressure on the bolt soo it will not back out.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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