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2010 mustang v6 from sway bar mod

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I have a 2010 mustang v6, with a few light mods (working myself towards a tuner in the next month or so), and I was wondering if I could install a front sway bar off of a 05-09 gt to improve handling and help to eliminate understeer during autocross? A shop in my town is selling a fresh take off from a 2009 gt and I just wanted to make sure that it would fit and serve the purpose that I am looking for before I jumped in and bought the part.

I have noticed some posts on this website that talk about 05-10 v6's not having a rear sway bar, but mine in fact does... so I am just looking to add one to the front to possibly eliminate understeer.
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I dont know about th 2010 but i know that the 2005-2009 the sway bar from a gt would bolt right in because that's what i did when i had my 06 v6
thanks for the input. I have a feeling it will just bolt on because a lot of the 05-09 parts tend to fit the 2010.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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