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2010 v6 Blend Door Messed Up

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I’ve got a 2010 v6 mustang and the actuator isn’t the problem it’s actually the door isn’t closing or opening all the way so the actuator breaks trying to force it open or closed. So I need a way to shorten the range of turning on the actuator or find out how to make the blend door open more.
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Blend doors can be a real pain. Sounds like your door is either broken or something is caught in there causing it to jam. I would remove the actuator and operate the door by hand and then see if you can tell what's up?
Sometimes you can use an inspection mirror and flashlight to look inside the vents, sometimes not.
you might have to remove the blower motor or even loosen/remove the dash depending on the vehicle. I've done a bunch of them in big trucks and tractors and econoline vans.
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