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2010GT or 2011+ V6

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Hey Guys,

I just wanted to hear your Opinion about a possible future Car choice.
As the 2011 3.7 Engines are out for a while there should be enough Info about reliability and so on.

Would you buy a 2010 GT, or prefer the almost same powerful 3.7 V6?
I don´t know about Suspension Changes and so on after 2010. The Interior should be quite the same?
5.0 would be a dream, but taxes here are so high for every Horsepower more..

3.7 vs 4.6
Pros of the V6:
-Mileage, fuel won´t get cheaper
-higher Redline, and as far as i know, smoother HP curve
-Almost the same Power, only a few Hp, and lb-ft difference (about 50 lbft?)
-2011+ have more gadgets,Stability Control (in miserable weather) 2013, trackapps and so
-21st Century Motor technology
-6speed Trans, instead of 5
-around 300hp isn´t much from an V8 (still 100more than my actual car, so no offense)

-Probably the biggest, no V8 rumble, only have a V6 and i5 so far, but V8 sound is just awesome
-Prestige, 3rd question asked is mostly "is it a V8?"
-4.6 maybe more reliable?
-Mustang, Pony Cars should be V8?
-Limited to 115 or so (Germany with Autobahn is only 40mi away)
-For now, larger Mod base on the old 4.6 than on the 3.7

Cons for the V6 are some kind the Pros of the V8, and vice verso

And jeah i could get cheaper European cars with more power and better fuel economy, but i just love the looks of our Ponys, and displacements is way better than those 1.4 or even 1.0 engines...
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Get the'll be happier in the end.

I'm not saying it was aliens...bit it was aliens.
i have a 2011 v6 with every bolt on pretty much available for it.. i love the car but in the end the gt has more of an aftermarket and can be made much faster on an N/A setup id go with the GT
I have a 2012 3.7 and it is very fast, as fast as my 09 4.0 w/33.1:1
gear. Soon there will be aftermarket power adders for our ponies.
The V8´s Power curve (the ones i found on the internet) is a bit torquier overall, but in the higher rpms, there is almost no hp gain, (4000+rpms) or i only found wrong ones, the V6 however pulls up very smooth. ok peak hp is available at, 5500-6000ish? and about 200hp at 4k rpm? correct me if its wrong.

Do the 2010 Cars still have the whobblie, flattering Hood Issue at high Speeds like 05-09?:nono: at least 2013 looks like they don't have that problem anymore.
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A V8 is still a V8. A V6 is a V6. I'd say if your going to go crazy on aftermarkets, cams, supercharger etc go with the v8.

If your going to go CAI, tune maybe headers, gears rout and want an all around nice car to drive thats great on gas and don't mind missing the v8 rumble go with the 3.7 v6. I had mine now 7 months. a tad over 7000 miles and love it. If I want I can buy a 5.0 GT cash but I wanna try and start a family. I'm more than happy with my 2012 3.7 and never used it to it's fulll potential "yet" the V6 has been trouble free for me so far. Has a REALLY nice sound for a v6. Its really fun to drive.

The 3.7 v6 IMO is worthy for the Mustang and its the only reason I bought a v6 Mustang. Before 2011 I would have on bought the v8.

last but not least in mostly stock for my 3.7 Has MORE than enough power to embarrass MOST (not all but most) of the rice Burners.

good luck, Both choices are good though that 4.6 v8 is a good engine too!:bigthumbsup
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What do you want out of the car? Only you can make that decision.

I find myself saying this in almost every post thread lately, but don't let the numbers fool you. Horsepower and Torque only tell part of the story.
And regarding the new V6 - a higher redline might be nice but how much time are you going to be spending winding out around 6000 Rpm?

For a street car, even a street car you're gonna flog around with every now and then - any power an engine happens to make in that range is rarely going to be usable so just because it "peaks" at a higher RPM range than the 4.6 can even reach doesn't mean you'll actually get to use it.

That was a long damned sentence.

If it were me, I'd buy the 2010 GT. I like the gobs of torque that is available on tap and I like the rumble. But there's more to a car than that. And the V6 can come with just as many creature comforts, plus you'll get a little better mileage out of it.
And from what I've seen, the aftermarket for the 3.7 is steadily growing - so I really wouldn't let that hold you back. It already makes plenty of power too (and not just for a V6). The 3.7 can scoot, no doubt about it. But don't get talked into thinking you'll be out running older GT's, if that happens to be one of the deciding factors.
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I am in a lower purchase bracket, but I was looking for a 2000-2004 V8 5-spd. convertible. I ended up buying an comparably priced 2005 V6 automatic convertible because I wanted the new body style.

That said, if the body style and features are similar, get the V8. I'll bet nobody ever regretted getting a V8 Mustang!
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As Mustangs are very rare here, i won´t race others.. maybe in Carshows if i go to one..
So jeah a big Issue is
Fuel Efficency vs V8 rumble
V8 is tourquier but the v6 has more rpm that could be used (talking about 3000 and up, while accelerating) Where does the V8 redlines?
Also the 6spd would be damn nice. I´m not sure about the Modfever, can´t say. Maybe mild tunes, FI is a bit far off, but that superchjarger whine would be also..
Argh i don´t know.. Fuel is expensive, but a V8 would probably hold its value more. I guess :)
So most of you would send me towards 2010GT. Maybe i win money or so, could someone rob the government for me, then i would buy the 5.0 :)
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Try a few searches, there have been a few threads on this.

I went through this exact comparison, and when I drove them side by side the decision became clear for me. I liked the power, sound, and overall feel of the 2010 GT (V8) much better than the 2011 V6.

The 2010 V8 redlines at 6,500 RPM ; personally I have only hit the rev limiter once and rarely get close to that, the power band is great from 3,000-6,000+ RPM

I do sometimes wish I had a 6-speed . . . with the 5-speed you have to choose between rear end gearing for performance (3.73 or 4.10) versus highway cruising (3.31)

I'm pretty sure the hood is the same on the 2010 as the 2011-2012 ; there should be no flutter problems (I had mine up to about 130 MPH once and it was rock solid, I only slowed down because I looked at the speedometer!)

Since you live in Austria where gas is very expensive, the gas mileage is a bigger consideration for you than it was for me. I guess you should try to figure out the fuel cost difference to see if it is worth it to you. Be aware that you can probably get better than rated mileage with the GT -- I routinely get about 26-27 MPG on my round-trip commute to work (mostly cruising, only a few stops) but the highway rating is 24.
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I own a 2012 V6. I'd go with the 2010 GT.
I own a 2012 V6. I'd go with the 2010 GT.

I enjoy your posts.. But I can't tell if they're serious or sarcastic half the time. Maybe that's why I like'm? Haha
I enjoy your posts.. But I can't tell if they serious or sarcastic half the time. Maybe that's why I like'm? Haha

The 3 valve has a more usable powerband. Sure, the 3.7L may make more power way up top, but it's such a small section of the power it doesn't matter. I'd prefer the old 5 speed as well. The 6 speed MT82, sort of notchy. Never had issues in my 2008 GT.
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The 3 valve has a more usable powerband. Sure, the 3.7L may make more power way up top, but it's such a small section of the power it doesn't matter.

Exactly what I've been saying too. If there's a couple hundred RPM up top where it 'peaks' at a few higher HP, it's hardly usable and practical.

The torque is always what you feel right of the bat anyway. Horsepower mainly factors in as you really start winding it up. Oh, and it's great for a sales pitch too.
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I'm partial to V8 mustangs, always will be. When I got mine, people (men) would ask (since I'm a chick) is it a V8??? I'd say, but of course!! Then they would cheer. Personally when I think of a mustang or camero, I think V8.

-Probably the biggest, no V8 rumble, only have a V6 and i5 so far, but V8 sound is just awesome Agreed, especially w/ a great exhaust setup
-Prestige, 3rd question asked is mostly "is it a V8?"
I don't get asked that by people who see it, because they can hear it
-4.6 maybe more reliable? I've had no problems to date
-Mustang, Pony Cars should be V8? See above

Yes, the V8 does guzzle gas, but I rarely drive it so I maybe only fill up once a month.

If gas prices will be a big factor for you, and if you drive a lot, maybe the 6-banger is the way to go for you.
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I'll bet nobody ever regretted getting a V8 Mustang!
Best quote I've seen in a long time.
I went through the same decision. started with 2012 v6 then went to 2010 GT at that point I said why not save money and get a low mileage 05 which is what I bought.
I'd rather have the GT. Better than the new v6 IMHO. But what's even better is the 2011 GT :bigthumbsup
As these cars are freaking expensive here, a 2011 is not an option (around 79.000USD for a new GT Premium:nono:)
Personally i like the Exterior of the 2010+ quite more than the 2005+ on the Inside i like the Higher Quality (never sat in one, only per pics) but is looses also a Bit Character.
Mileage would not be the biggest Issue, as it´s more of a 2nd Car, my Benz does around 3-4 days of the commute(almost same top torque as my V6), Mustang only 1-3 times to work, and weekend driving.
I´m glad getting the Support on the 2010 GT, This is making it a bit easier for me.

Also what i forgot, the Under the Hood. If you look into it, and see the V8 Intake Plenum + Valve covers, I just love it.
Ok i like my V6 To, even the Intake looks so damn high built, like a Skyscraper.. And the Cleared under the Hood Look, i want to see what is powering my Car, not like all the Euro Cars, where there is only one pig plastic cover, with like 3 holes for oil, washing fluid and coolant.. The Area is mostly Rural, so between 35-60mph most of the time. I don´t dare to calculate my mileage in the V6, just for my Hilly, twisty commute to work.:nono:
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