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2011/2012 V6 Convertible Lowering Springs?

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Who has lowered a 2011/2012 V6 Vert. out there? I am trying to choose the spring set to use and need your input. Any pix showing the new ride height would be great! I am looking at the Steeda Ultralites vs the FRPP N springs right now. Also, has anyone put the FRPP V6 Handling pkg on entirely. I am not sure how much of an upgrade the sway bars in that kit are, and I know I won't need the STB as the Vert. will come with the GT brace. But, I was thinking the pkg price looked pretty good and at the very least, I would need the springs, struts/shocks and strut mounts. Anyone with any or all of these upgrades have any advice for me? Thanks!
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