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2011 Amplifier Installation?

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So I just purchased a subwoofer for my 5.0 today. I already have an amplifier. I was going to purchase an MTX Re.Q and wiring kit tomorrow..

Now my question is,

Should I install the amp myself or no? I've never installed an amp before but it doesn't seem to hard. Does anyone have say an installation sheet or a DIY or some kind of tips? If at all possible, I'd love to save the money my local audio shop would charge me for the install.

Thanks in advanced!
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There is only one way to learn... However, I definitely had mine installed by my trusted audio place :) They've worked on my cars since I was 16, and I knew they'd get it right... Good luck if you decide to do it.
One tip I learned the hard way, make sure your main ground and power wires are the same gauge (AWG). If not, you will have power loss and a bunch of funky things happen to the amp performance that will frustrate the hell out of you.. Good luck..
If you don't now what you are doing, leave it to a professional. I can't count the number of times i had a car come in that someone tried to do an install on their own just to F it up and then bring it in to have me un-F it.
You can do it yourself, but trust me, if you want it to be a good install and not see wires hanging out all over the place, it will be a very time consuming job and will require a lot of patience on your part. Your temporary sanity may be worth the cost to have it done.
If you're fairly handy and are comfortable with taking your time and being careful, you shouldn't have a difficult time. As someone mentioned, to do it right, you have to be prepared to take your time to do it right. It will likely take longer than expected but if you do it yourself, you could save some cash and learn quite a bit. I've installed a few in my time and there always seems to be one thing that is a PITA that causes the install to take longer than expected. If you choose to do it yourself and know someone experienced, it it would be good to have a second set of hands and eyes on the task to help.

On the other hand, if you pay a decent place to do it, it will be done quickly and you know it is done depending on the cost, you would just have to figure out how much your time is worth. Also, if you have a professional do it, you'll likely have some type of warranty that if a channel starts cutting out or something, you can take it back and have something fixed.

Good luck either way you go!
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Thank you all for the feedback. I decided I'm gonna have a guy overlook all of my work, at least for my first install just to make sure I get it right!
The MTX piece isn't required. Just look for one of these


It plugs into the back of the radio and gives you a couple sets of RCA's. It works well, you could test it out and see if you still the the Re.q is necessary.

Here's a link to more crappy pics I took when I installed it...
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I did mine myself, you'd have to be a pretty awful diy'r NOT to get It done. Follow this guide, and use the req as the rolloff in the mustang is fairly moderate.

Shaker 500 Add A Sub Install - Evilcartman

Just did mine 2 weeks ago so pm if you have any questions.

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