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2011 Black 5.0 needs some stripes

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So I've had my GT since December and my god do I love this car. Quite a change coming from a Caliber(yes yes laugh it up. I was 19 ok?! ) She's a GT Premium, but no options on top of that. I've always loved the black with red stripes/accents combo, so it's what I wanna have done with mine. Problem is, I can't really decide exactly how I wanna do it. I don't want to do just the stripes over the top, as that's common enough.

I've thought of a few different ideas. I saw a mockup a while ago of one with red hood spears and C stripes, which I do really like. I've also thought about going with the over the top stripes and adding C stripes, but I'm worried that's a bit too busy.

Either way, I know I wanna steal the GT500's seats with the red stripes, they look amazing. I just can't find anywhere to snag them, any suggestions?

For your, uh, pleasure, I made some quick mockups of my ideas. Yay for videogames. Sure it's a GT500, but Forza didn't have a 10/11 body style GT. Close enough right? :p

Oh yeah. Hi everyone!
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There is nothing wrong with a good looking set of stipes but consider black matt on black. Thats what my GT/CS came with and its simultaneously bad a$$ looking and understated all in one.
I agree with Allentown. I'm not usually a huge fan of stripes but I do like it when they are close to same color of the car. Maybe the matte black or a gray.
i do love red and black but matte black and black also look great. Depends which you really want. I like uniqueness in the stripes though so go for something different then your standard stripes for some extra WOW factor.
Dark pewter stripes looks great on black .
I think the red looks badass. I'm a big fan of things that tastefully pop out at you, and your renderings seem like it would do just that.
You should go with red over the top stripes and skip the spears and c-stripes. Trust me. 8
Big fan of red and black contrasts. go for it
I'm thinking black cherry red stripes . So dark you can hardly tell they are there.
One or the other not both in my opinion. the large stripes across the front/top/back plus the sides is to much for my tastes.

From your link if it were me I would go with the stripes across the the top, lose the sides, then paint my calipers the same colors as the stripes.

opinions are like...... so to each his own, just saying that I think you go one or the other, then what ever you decide, painting your brake calipers to match that color would really pop.
What about over the top red racing stripes with two white pin stripes going down the red to make it pop. See 2011/2012 Shelby GT500 black with red to see what I mean.
Matte black, or Lava would be my choice, subtle but add just the right touch...
I saw this at a Ford dealer yesterday:

^ I love those wheels!
Sorry for seeming to ignore this thread, been out of town for a wedding. Driving from Phoenix to Idaho and back in 3 days is less than fun. I do like the black on black look, but it seems to be pretty common, so I'd like to go with the red.

K, so that's not just me. I do agree, C stripes plus the over the top looks a bit too busy for my tastes, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway. Good suggestion for painting the calipers.

Yup, I know exactly what you mean. There was a 2011 GT500 vert at the dealership I bought my GT from with exactly that scheme. The seats in the link are actually from that exact car. It does look pretty good.

That is one good lookin Mustang.

Thanks to everyone for your opinions/suggestions.
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