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2011 GT exhaust pipe crimping.

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Where does the stock exhaust have the most crimping? I have a limited budget unfortunately, so I can only replace part of the exhaust system.
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Just replace the mufflers then. The factory exhaust is 2.75" and is not much of a restriction. Unless you go with an off-road midpipe or headers you won't see much of a power increase.

You wondering because of power? Then get midpipe with no cats first.
Good advice,thanks Gentlemen,I'll look into a mid pipe cat delete and axle backs . This area doesn't have government inspection and the RCMP won't bother you unless you get pulled over for speeding or excessive noise.:winks
You're going to need a tune if you delete the cats too.
Yes 2011 GrabberblueGT, I noticed a lot of engine mods. require a tune,not like my previous 1992 mustang 5.0.
You don't "need" a tune to go with an offload mid pipe:nono:, however, you will get a CEL for catalyst inefficiency if you don't have a tune with the rear o2's turned off....
The stock system is quite good - I went with a catted x-pipe and Roush axlebacks mainly for better sound. I am not a fan of O/R pipes used onroad but not my business I know. I did not see where anyone answered your question - there are a few crimps on the rear resonators for reasons unknown, but I have not seen any evidence that they drop power worth the cost of their replacement. (I saw dyno of a Magnaflow catback/axleback and then just Magnaflow axleback and the diff was within normal run to run variance.). Besides cost it is just another thing the dealer can hassle you with.
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Thanks 1st RoadRage, that answers my question alright, I will not be changing the exhaust system. Too many other things to buy, finishing the suspension is the 1st. priority.So many things to add, so little money according to the wife(she who must be obeyed).
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