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2011 GT Suspension Overkill???

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I recently began installing my first mods on a stock 2011 GT 6sp. I started with the obvious: Steeda CAI w/custom 93 octane tune, Corsa Extreme axel backs and Steeda Tri ax shifter w/mounting plate.
I want to improve my suspension before I add headers and more power. This is a DD which see's 50/50 highway/city but I tune my car aggressively and drive it the same. I am thinking of going with the Eibach Pro which has sport springs, shocks/struts and fornt and rear sways. I will probably need a panhard bar but do I need to use upper/lower CA's? Tower brace? Bumpsteer kit?
I want this car to handle properly when I need it to but don't need it to be a track car. Any and all suggestions and opinions would be appreciated.

Here's the Eibach system at AM:

Eibach Mustang Pro-System-Plus 35125.68 (11-14 GT, V6) - Free Shipping 35125.68
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i would go with it. sooner or later you will need those lca for traction.
Wheel hop

Would the lca's eliminate the wheel hop or would I still need a bumpsteer kit?
The suspension on a vehicle is a system that all plays together. You can change part of it and the rest can be worn.
If you lower the car the geometry changes. Bump steer will increase and the pinion angle will change. Both can be measured and corrected. Also the quiet ride that you have enjoyed will go away with urethane bushings.
If you want a system that plays together I would purchase a complete system from a single manufacturer for the street. Race parts are harsh and noisy on the street. Plan on 2-4 grand to get it right and have a good shop install it. Good luck.
Which system

When you say "complete system", which components do you think need to be included?
upper and lower control arms and bump steer adjustment, probably some pan hard bar adjustment too
Thanks for the input. I've decided to go for the Eibach kit and drive it for a few weeks to get a feel for what I need next.
You don't NEED anything else over what's in that kit. That's a very mild drop. If you really want your rear end to line up, throw an adjustable panhard bar on there. As far as wheel hop goes, many (including myself) have found that lowering the car gets rid of the hop. Bumpsteer will be negligible on a 1" drop. I'm lowered 2.25" on coilovers and there is some bumpsteer but nothing that's making me want to run out and buy a bumpsteer kit. You absolutely do not NEED control arms. Your pinion angle change at a 1" drop will be negligible.

You have the important things included already in that kit. Go have fun with it!
Thanks for the input. I decided to go with the Steeda Sport springs and the Koni Sports all around with the GT500 mount upgrade. I felt the Koni quality was hard to pass up and I can ride on these for awhile before making further upgrades which I don't really need.
Good choice! The Koni Sports are great dampers and the stock strut mounts will probably disintegrate into a million little ball bearings when you take them off anyway.
I agree that you don't NEED any of that, but the UPR upper and lower control arms made a huge improvement in my car's straight line grip and cornering grip.
Upper control arms will not really do much for you in terms of cornering. It's mostly lower control arms and lower control arm relocation brackets that help with that.
an often over looked aspect of "feel" is the tires...super low profiles will be harsher than something bigger, now add suspension mods? Not to mention I doubt the weather is super warm and dry up for thought
Lots of good stuff guys- thanks. After driving and playing with the shock adjustment I think the tires are next. I'm stock now and thinking about a 19/8.5-10.5 stagger with 255/285 setup. I've read good things about the M/T's Ultra- fit's the budget too.
Just keep in mind that a staggered setup will cause the car to understeer at the limit.
My car is a DD and I don't plan on racing it. Do you think the staggered set up will noticeably change my driving feel on aggressive street driving?
Yes. Go 18x10 square. You'll be able to rotate, car will be balanced, and 285's fit great.
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