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2011 Mustang GT Auto - looking for aftermarket shifter with room for push-button

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Hi Everyone,

The one concession I had to make on my new GT (coming next month) was to make it an auto (my wife, who also has the final vote on our household finance committee, needed that). So now you know. :winks It also has the nav system, which I think might affect my options below.

I am planning some mods and one of them is a push-button ignition. I know a lot of people mount them in the cig lighter or otherwise put them on the dash. I am looking for something as stealth as possible so that when someone sits in the car, they won't even see the ignition. I was thinking of somehow mounting it in the top of the automatic shift lever, but I think that would require an aftermarket lever since the top doesn't unscrew. At least, I don't think it does.

I was wondering if anyone knows of an aftermarket lever that has a flip top and room for a push-button. Something maybe that is designed for NOS or specifically for push-button ignitions. I saw this on eBay, but it's not for autos.

There are two button styles I'm looking at, and the more compact one is about .9" in diameter and needs at least 1.4" clearance behind it. The other one is twice the size along both dimensions.

I'm not stuck on the idea of just trying to hide this in the auto lever. Another option I was considering was that I think there is a covered center cubby, and I might be able to stash it in there. What other possibilities do you think there are?

Thanks in advance! Can't wait for my new GT. Expecting delivery the week of 5/24.
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Any Luck on finding a new Auto Shifter ?

Any Luck on finding a new Auto Shifter ?

Would love to find options on replacing the factory one
Anyone know if there is anything in the works? Anything at all to replace the 2011/12 factory auto shifter?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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