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Funny thing,
I’m having the same issue with my 2011 5.0. The sound is not as loud as the YouTube clip above but is noticeable. I took my car to the dealer this past Tuesday. The service tech took a ride with me in the passenger seat in which I pointed the sound out to him. The tech then told me that this was normal in these cars and there was no issue. He then instructed me to continue to drive and if I have any issues, bring it back in. I think im going to go to another dealer for a 2nd opinion. I have the 3.55 gear ratio. It seems that this problem is so common in these cars that the dealers/ Service Techs are overwhelmed with complaints from customers experiencing this. I don’t think its a normal thing when these cars start to make noises like this. I’m pretty sure that all who are experiencing this issue did not have this problem when their vehicles were first purchased. This problem came after putting miles on the car.
Well, off to another dealer.

This whine ALONE is why they replaced my transmission; I feel they stated that so they could still claim the MT82 is fine....

I just got my second tranny put in Tuesday and it is whining already.

I was going to the dealership tomorrow morning anyways to have my PCM flashed for the newly released TSB and now this whine again ALREADY? :/
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