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2011 premium v6 fog light adjustment

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I may have missed it. If so please help me out. I'd like to adjust my fog lights up & to the right. Any way to do so without pulling front end apart, or trying to get information from dealer (unlikely)? I've had mine now 2 1/2 years, 11,000 miles. no problems except my remote quit working yesterday. probably not under warranty. thanks
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If you're referring to the lower bumper cover lamps, there is only up & down adjustment. On the bottom of the assembly you will see a round "wheel" with gear teeth. If you turn that wheel it moves the bulb up or down in the housing. Best bet is to get the front end up on jack stands or ramps, and start the job in daylight, locate the adjustment wheel and do your adjusting after it gets dark. There is a pretty significant difference between the highest and lowest setting.


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Dang, Deysha, you're up early this morning. :bigthumbsup
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