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2011 V6 engine direct replacement for a 2006 V6

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What would it take to drop a 2011 V6 engine in my '06 ? I'm hoping for a direct swap with minimal mods, but not holding my breath. Just driving a 2011 isn't an option for me, don't like the body style.
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The two engines have nothing in common but cylinder count. It would probably be easier to swap in a 4.6 3V if 300 HP is what you're after.
You don't have a 60s thru 80s era Mustang. It's far from a simple swap. Just the opposite in fact. It would pretty much require a 2011 up parts car since you'd need the wiring harnesses, PCM, and all the other electrical infrastructure to make the engine operate. Even a 4.6L swap would not be so simple but it would at least be somewhat easier to do.
At the end of the day no one wants a car that had such a transplant done so reselling it at any point would be a problem. Your best option if you are dissatisfied with your 4.0L is sell it and buy a newer one with a 3.7L or just buy a GT if you don't like the more refined and modern looking 2011 and up Mustangs.
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