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2011 V6 Mustang-Passenger door slightly misaligned...

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The passenger side door on my Mustang is about 1/8" out of flush (outward) from the bottom most side crease down. I'm wondering if the outer door panel is malformed or if the door could be adjusted on its hinges.

The top of the door seems to be out of flush inward, but not by as much. That makes me suspect hinges.

Anyone know if the door is adjustable on the newer 'Stang? I haven't taken it back to the dealer yet as I'm still mulling over whether or not I'm being obsessive. Well...of course I'm being obsessive...It's a Mustang after all!

Thought I would see if any of my Mustang brothers and sisters had thoughts on the matter.

Other than this my new baby is flawless stem to stern.
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts doesn't matter what the issue is or how to fix it...take it back to the dealer for review. Its a brand new car and if these things are not caught during QA and then again at the dealer prep you (and your wallet) need to point it out to them! An 1/8 of an inch is pretty far off the mark for a new car body!

Good luck.
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