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2012 Brakes Locking up at Random Times

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Hello all you happy people.
I just bought a 2012 Mustang with around 90,000 miles on it. It's a nice clean car but the other day, it started playing games.
A couple nights ago I was running down the highway at around 70 mph or so, and my front passenger wheel started braking out of nowhere. Well, all the wheels seemed to be doing it, but mostly the front passenger. And I'd see the yellow traction light go on and off on the dash. I'm guessing it was the traction light. It looks like a tire with a couple squiggly lines underneath it. But the dang car was trippin. Its like it would rapidly tap that brake really quickly at random times and then quit as mysterously as it started. It's done it a couple times, and the jerking it does to the car makes people want to get away from me really quickly. And if there was a cop behind me, I am sure I would have gotten a field sobriety test on the spot, no questions asked.
Oh, and also the Traction Control Off light came on and off with the other light.
I've got the traction control off (I think) so I don't understand why this happens, I mean... Is this something that happens a lot? This could turn a nice Sunday drive into a day of vehicular homicide. What would you do to make it not do this anymore?
Oh... I do not know if this problem relates to my next post about a Ghost in the Machine.
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