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2012 - Changes? Additions?

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Will the 2012 models be any different than the 2011? What do you guys think?
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New EcoBoost version of the 5.0, Brembo's standard. :kooky:
Are there any new government mandated fuel economy regulations kicking in that would force Ford to change things?
They are bound to add Direct Injection. But maybe not until 2013.
And probably a more advanced version of SYNC
Prob just artificially up the horsepower numbers on the v6 to 1 more than the new Camaro numbers :grinroll:
They will do like the 05vs06 and have the bugs discovered and fixed.

I bought an 05, and have 90k miles on it. The only bugs were the initial ones and they were corrected in the 06's.

So, I'm waiting on a 2012 and hoping I won't have to deal with any of the "patching" this time.
I bet that Intellegent Access (Keyless Push Button Start) will be on next years option list. It's in the owners manual, so I assume i'ts coming.
+1 one on fixing bugs..offering a new techno option or two. And i suspect the special edition Boss will be offered some time in 2012. (thats where the DI may be added??)

2013 will see still more options and special editions while 2014 will be a whole new re-design from the ground up and a 50th Anniv edition.
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it wont be DI for years. i talked to a ford tech and he said there was a problem with the cylinder walls being in the way for the injector and will take time to fix and perfect. imo (and his) it will most likely the 50th ann.
Personally, if I was one of the bean counters, I wouldn't think there was a payoff for DI. And if they DO go ecoboost?? I'm glad I ordered one of the last V8's in history. It seems everybody is going FI.
Boo to the ecoboost. I hope they continue to offer a V-8 option if they choose to go the ecoboost route.
Until they figure out the carbon problems di cars have i hope they stay far away from it. I own a 2006 vw gti right now and ive seen pictures of these things broken down for valve cleaning its not a pretty sight at all. Heres a link Intake Valve Cleaning: Before and After. - VW GTI Forum / VW Rabbit Forum / VW R32 Forum / VW Golf Forum -
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More bean counting and cheapening of selected components, higher prices. Glad I got an early car!
LOL at waiting for DI. DO NOT WANT.

It's 1/2 the reason I'm getting a GT instead of an S4. all ur valves r belong to carbon
LOL at waiting for DI. DO NOT WANT.

It's 1/2 the reason I'm getting a GT instead of an S4. all ur valves r belong to carbon
"When the program started, it [the new Duratec in the Mustang] was a direct injection engine," said Greg T. Johnson, a powertrain integration manager whose responsibilities include both engines. But according to Johnson, Ford powertrain engineers eventually realized that leaving the direct injection aspect out of the design allowed charge-cooling advantages--allowing engineers to better optimize intake air temps for fuel economy, power, and emissions.

Why Ford Skipped Direct Injection Route For New V-6 And V-8 Engines - MotorAuthority

Typically, direct injection allows better control over knock, enabling a higher compression ratio, which does help optimize combustion. "Yeah, it helped us a little bit with knock, but it wasn't that much for all the cost," said Johnson, referring to all the more expensive parts, such as high-pressure fuel-system components, needed for DI. Ford even brought a DI version of the engine through to the point of running prototypes, "but in the end it didn't make business sense," Johnson summed.

Why New Ford V-6 and V-8 Engines Don't Have Direct Injection - The Car Connection
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I agreed with everyones comments. Yes, the block may have been designed to handle DI in the furtue. Everything written about the 5.0 design team would say they were forward thinking engineers.

At the same time , I believe Ford will give a change like that some time with testing and refining. DI does have its own set of problems. If it was that easy, they would have had it the design for 2011.

Its pretty major and the writter apprears to be showing off, like he found out something that nobody knew..The Ford engineers basicly said..later

Its a joke, wait for DI, there will always be something new and at some point more horsepower out of these 5.0's..

If you are like many of us, test drive a 5.0 and see if you would still wait as this writter suggested..

My bet is you will be doing the papperwork at the dealer and ordering a 5.0...

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The more I look at, review and drive this 5.0, the more I'm impressed. It is really a well engineered powerplant. Yes, there are first year issues, but nothing major that I know of so far. I predict this powerplant will be in the Ford lineup for quite some time.
so at this point (I know still very early) other than the confirmation of the BOSS, do we know anything about any updates to the 5.0 GT?
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